How to choise gaming chair?
Every user who practically does not face the world of games asks this question. But really, why? In fact, in the nearest supermarket or on the Internet you can buy a simple office chair (even at a discount) and not spend extra money. At this point, we are faced with the most important thing: safety for the health of the user. It's no secret that sitting for a long time can have a dramatic effect on posture, which is especially true for gamers.
It is for this reason that comfort and orthopedic properties are imperative. Chinese consumer goods simply cannot provide all the necessary minimum and are therefore immediately phased out. Saving is certainly a good thing, but in this case it is better to buy a simple chair. May it not be the softest, but at least it won't creak. There is a whole sea of models of this type on the market.
When buying a good gaming chair, you should definitely pay attention to several features:
Convenience. Whatever the expensive technology or material, it completely disappears if you are not comfortable and you are not comfortable wearing it. Think about it, would it be convenient to eat with a blunt-tooth fork, even a gold one? For this reason, when choosing a chair model, you must necessarily have exactly the number of various properties that you need. Also, since gaming chairs aren't cheap, there's no point in compromising on details that don't suit you. Value for money. Imagine, you are walking through the store, you see an armchair that looks a lot like his grandmother's armchair. And looking at the price tag, he understands that the model is released by a well-known brand, and a price tag of 5,000 US rubles flaunts decoration. This is a crude example, but it does not negate the fact that noisy brands often release not only ugly, but also uncomfortable things. Therefore, you should check the quality of the product yourself, your convenience being guided only by your own feelings. Personalization. The more customization options the chair has, the better. Someone is tall, someone is short, someone gets in the way of the armrests, and to someone the chair seems completely tight due to the uncomfortable back. A person is not a thing and you cannot change it, unlike a good device. So the more removable and adjustable parts a chair has, the better. Even if you don't use them at first, there is always a chance that the rest of the family will use this feature. The ability to use additional gadgets. It won't be superfluous if you buy a chair for a tidy sum, it's also not limited to just built-in functionality either. Sooner or later, you will get the idea of buying a coaster for a mug, a mouse, or even a cat. Manufacturers with sufficient experience satisfy the possible wishes of consumers, and therefore various additional parts can always be found on store shelves. And having bought an expensive and mega-comfortable chair, but not a gaming chair, there is a possibility of disappointment, as you most likely will not be able to screw something into it. Of course, you can do the same yourself, showing others what kind of master you are by cutting with a jigsaw. But is it convenient?
Suitable for people who want a sufficient amount of functionality and convenience for little money.
Such a chair mostly resembles an office chair, a more interesting design is possible. In terms of shape, it can be bowl-shaped or even as a guest chair, which you often see in offices.
Is this chair suitable for a gamer? It is difficult to answer unequivocally. But if you are disciplined enough, always keep your back straight even when sitting on a stool, then this option will suit you. But if during the game you unintentionally change the position to "doubled", then this option is not for you. Furthermore, the design of such a chair does not foresee any additional devices, such as changing the position of the armrests, the presence of cushions and pads and adjusting the height and inclination of the back of the chair.
Conclusion: as an economical option it is quite suitable. But you can forget about the additional bonuses. These models are sold in almost all furniture stores.

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