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Comfortable chairs
There is an oscillation mechanism to rest and relax the muscles. The backrest reclines, so you can take a reclined position. The upholstery is made of a nice, strong and durable material. The armrests are adjustable and have soft pads made of the same material as the seat.
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specially designed for hours of gaming
The whole design is thought out taking into account the fact that a person will remain motionless for a long time. The materials of the chair, on the one hand, are soft to sit comfortably, on the other hand, they are durable and resistant to abrasion. Red accents make the design more striking and aggressive.
Even a very large player can use the chair: there is practically no weight limit and the crossbar can support 181 kg. The swing mechanism allows you to lock in any position - play in a comfortable position. The armrests are lined with artificial leather, not only reduce the load on the wrists, but also feel good to lie down.
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Equipped with wheels
You can quickly move around the room. The design provides comfortable armrests. The most comfortable seat height is set taking into account the height of the player using the gas lift system. The rocking mechanism allows you to choose the most comfortable angle of the backrest for gaming, allowing you to play tirelessly for many hours. The parameters of the chair meet the requirements of the Bifma standard. The weight limit is set at 150 kg.
Soft, comfortable and squishy armrests are a huge plus compared to the "8" model, some are bothered by the blue nameplate on the back of the chair (I don't have it).
The wheels of the chair roll well even on a fluffy carpet.
The chair looks very elegant!
Flip Korvemaker
A comfortable and affordable chair at that price!
Value for money, soft armrests.
Picked up in 7 minutes. Fast delivery and cheap prices.
Thank you!
Thijs Meulenkolk
How to choice gaming chair?
For maximum immersion in the world of the game, comfort is imperative. After all, if you are constantly distracted by inconveniences, it is impossible to fully enjoy the world of video games.
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